Sliema, Tower Road from It-Torri Restaurant Live cam

Traffic monitoring on Tower Road, direction Tigné Point

Keep an eye on the pulse of Malta's roads with our Sliema live webcam! From busy intersections to scenic coastal drives, tune in to stay informed and navigate Malta's roads like a pro. Tower Road is a well-known promenade located in the town of Sliema, that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby island of Manoel Island. It features a wide pedestrian walkway lined with palm trees, benches, and cafes, making it an ideal spot for strolls and enjoying the sea breeze. The promenade offers panoramic views of the sea, with opportunities for visitors to relax and soak in the Mediterranean ambiance. Tower Road is particularly picturesque during sunrise and sunset, offering breathtaking views of the sky painted in hues of orange and pink.

Enjoy our Sliema live cam and don't forget to explore our other Malta live webcams for more breathtaking views of this beautiful island paradise!