St. George's Beach, St. Julian's - Malta Live cam

Beautiful view of St. George's Bay, a Maltese holiday destination


Our webcam in Malta overlooks the beautiful St. Julian's beach in St. George's Bay.

St. Julian's is a lovely town located on Malta's northeastern coast. Over the decades, it’s become quite popular for its rich and buzzing nightlife so much so St. Julian’s is often considered the country’s top tourist-magnet! Thanks to our live cam in Malta, breathtaking views of St. George's Bay can be enjoyed all year round. This small beach, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is a paradise for leisure and water activities, gifting visitors the chance to relax under the summer sun. Located in the heart of Paceville, the entertainment district, tourists can tour modern clubs and trendy discos!

Check out this St George's Bay webcam in St. Julian's! Don’t forget to explore other corners of this unique Mediterranean archipelago with our webcams in Malta.