Viareggio Live cam

Viareggio, view over the promenade 'Terrazza della Repubblica'


Our webcam in Viareggio overlooks the stunning promenade and the Terazza della Repubblica (Terrace of the Republic).

Famous for its Carnival, Viareggio is one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations on the coast of Versilia. There's nothing better than enjoying some relax and “vitamin sea” in Viareggio!

Our Viareggio live cam, offers marvellous views of the Viareggio Promenade (Passeggiata di Viareggio), one of the town's most picturesque and charming areas. A walk along the Passeggiata is a must. Dotted with Art Nouveau buildings, this 2.2 km promenade is a tourist magnet, but also quite popular among locals seeking weekend relaxation. Shopping addict? The promenade is the place for you. A long bike path also lines the boulevard, offering cyclists a fantastic sea view.

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