Florence - Ponte Vecchio Live cam

View of Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world


Our webcam in Florence teleports you to Ponte Vecchio, one of the city's most renown landmarks.

Located in Florence’s historic center, Ponte Vecchio is Europe's oldest stone bridge and one of Italy’s most precious relics. Built in 1345, it crosses the Arno River at its narrowest point and connects Via Por Santa Maria to Via de' Guicciardini. Today it houses beautiful goldsmith stores (FYI: this is the place to make fancy purchases).

From our Florence live cam, a breathtaking real-time view of the Bridge can be enjoyed! The bridge attracts tourists from around the world and has quickly become an insta-worthy spot! The bust of Benvenuto Cellini, Florence’s most famous goldsmith, can be found in the middle of the bridge. The eastern side is crossed by the Vasari Corridor that connects Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti.

Explore the “Cradle of the Renaissance” with our live cams in Florence!