Florence - Piazza della Signoria Live cam

Wonderful view of Palazzo Vecchio, the Fountain of Neptune and the statue of Cosimo I


Planning your trip to Tuscany, but not sure what to see first? Our Florence webcam in Piazza della Signoria takes you straight to one of the city’s most mesmerizing landmarks.

If you are looking forward to a culture-filled vacation, Florence will not disappoint! The Tuscan capital has very few rivals; its history spans millennia and its streets were home to illustrious rulers, writers and architects. From palaces, churches and gardens to ateliers and bell towers, there's plenty to explore! Our Florence live cam offers a great view of Piazza della Signoria and the famous loggia with statues commemorating major historical events. Viewers can also spot the Neptune Fountain, the entrance to Palazzo Vecchio, the replica of David, the famous equestrian statue of Cosimo I and the Gucci Museum. The famous Uffizi Gallery rises near the square.

Plan your perfect visit now with our webcams in Florence!