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The pearl of the Mediterranean, one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Europe, the most desired holiday destination whether we're seeking fun, exhilaration, exploration or 100% relaxation. This is Portorož, a natural paradise in the heart of the Piran Bay (Piranski zaliv) on the eastern Adriatic coast. Being within easy reach of the croatian territory, the slovenian Koper (only 20 km.), the italian Trieste (40 km.) and the International Airport (Aerodrom Portorož) near Sečovlje it is the ideal vacation spot.

Famous worldwide for its rich tourist offer (resorts, entertainment centers, luxurious hotels, discos and casinos, shopping centers) and for its unique health and wellness SPAs and thermal pools in Europe, Portorož is today a popular place either for work or vacation and entertainment. The Sečovlje Pans (Sečoveljske Soline) have played a very important role in the technique of curative therapies since the XIII century when the first Benedictine monks of the Monastery of St. Laurence used seawater, saline mud and brine to treat rheumatism, dropsy, excessive weight and skin problems. An important role in preserving this old tradition is today played by countless beauty farms and wellness centers where natural curative methods intertwine with the most modern medical findings.

Portorož is a very lively city with an increasingly bustling nightlife, we'll find an excellent and warm atmosphere and friendly people, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society due to the presence of the Euro - Mediterranean University (EMUNI), moreover here many young people and guests from different countries face every day the challenge of living in a bilingual place (both Slovene and Italian culture and language are well preserved). Its breathtaking scenarios, its interesting itineraries (the old salt warehouses, Piran, the White Cross - Beli Križ, Koper, the Strunjan Pans - Strunjanske Soline, Izola and Ljubljana are worth visiting), the possibility of practising any kind of sports activities make it perfectly tailored to meet our needs and holiday desires.

The must-see attractions include the wonderful tourist harbour, the most modern Marina in Slovenia, a multi-purpose sports and recreation center located in the most protected part of the wonderful Gulf of Piran. Marina Portorož was planned in 1973, constructed on the area that was once the desolated salt pans of Lucija and solemnly opened in 1986, its construction projects involved several steps but today it is undoubtedly world famous as first slovenian Marina including the most modern equipment, more than a thousand berths available in the sea, on shore and in two hangars, various and quality services for the maintenance, a well equipped sports center, a luxurious apartment residence area, Yacht and Tennis Clubs, large protected parking spaces, a fuel station and a station for disposal of black waters and bilge waste. Held every year here, the traditional event of international stature, Internautica, the International Boat Show, attracts many experts as well as visitors and exhibitors coming from all over the world, by presenting novelties and attractions from the nautical world. Marina Portorož has a very positive attitude towards ecological problems and environmental safety, this makes it constantly winner of the Blue Flag awarded by the international organisation Foundation for Environment Education (FEE).


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