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View over the town hall and the Cathedral of St. George

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The square, located in the center of Piran, in the slovenian part of Istria, not far from Portorož, is an important gathering place hosting the most important cultural events and is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this extraordinary city, known and appreciated around the world.
Rich in history is this wonderful square in the old town quarter of the city: this space was once occupied by an internal harbour for fishing boats, however located outside the city walls. Because of sanitation problems it was decided in 1894 to fill in the port and turn the whole area into a square in honour of the famous composer and violinist of Piran Giuseppe Tartini (born in 1692) to whom we owe so much, he contributed, in fact, in a substantial way to making the city world-famous. Just for the occasion of 200th anniversary of the birth of this extraordinary artist, it was decided to erect a monument in his honor, the artist Antonio Dal Zotto was commissioned to create the bronze statue that was put on its pedestal in the center of the square in 1894.
Around the square there are the main administrative buildings: the neo-renaissance City Hall of the triestin architect John Righetti, the Praetorian Palace, located on the western side of the square, and the famous Cathedral of St. George, the Patron of the place, situated on the hill overlooking the city. From its tower everyone is overcome by feelings of surprise, it is possible to enjoy a fantastic view of Piran, its surroundings as well as the italian and croatian coasts. Furthermore, we cannot forget the wonderful "Venetian House" or the "Red House" of the fifteenth century, it is the only one to retain its original shape.
Throughout time Piran maintained the medieval structure, several narrow streets branching off from the square and scattered houses still call to mind the gothic, baroque and venetian style when Piran was part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice; it has also visibly marked other cities of Istria. Furthermore, there are many other buildings bearing the names of the most prominent families followed one another over the centuries. The city is surrounded with a circular wall that makes it an outstanding member of the European Association "Walled Towns Friendship Circle".
The town is divided into two historic districts, Punta and Marciana, divided by the space originally occupied by the port; the old harbour has been covered by slabs of white stones while the stone piers of the fifteenth century were placed before the burying of the harbour.
The square is now a clear point of reference for Piran, which especially during the summer and thanks to its architectural value, is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia.

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