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Ski Resort in Medvode, trails dedicated to cross-country skiing

Bonovec in Medvode

Medvode (which literally means "between the waters") is located northwest of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and southeast of Kranj, the center of the Region of Upper Carniola (Gorenjska) and more precisely in the Central Region of Slovenia (Osrednjeslovenska). The city, made up of more than 14,000 inhabitants, is not far away from Ljubljana (just 12 Kms.), the International Airport of Brnik and the cities of Kranj and Škofja Loka, moreover it is an extraordinary meeting point between the Sava and Sora rivers. Undoubtedly these peculiarities and its very favourable geographical position make it an ideal holiday destination that can be either quiet, peaceful, and relaxing or full of activity, fun, and adventure, in any case exciting for unforgettable hours or weekend in a dream setting, also known as the "green door of the capital".
Medvode was born around 1849 but not always was an independent city, in 1963, in fact, was annexed to the Šiška district, today one of the most populous of the city districts of Ljubljana, and lost its local independence, only in 1995 the Municipality of Medvode was again established. Its history has left us important archaeological finds, the remains of an ancient castle (Starigrad in Smlednik), another castle dating back to feudal times (Jetrbenk), the baroque castle built between 1631 and 1634 Oton Puchein (today an ethnographic Museum), roman remains of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance Palace of Lazzarini (Dvorec Lazzarini) and the lovely Church of Saint Margaret (Marjeta Sveta) with its distinctive bell tower (including four bells and small windows allowing to admire the magnificence of the landscape) are worth mentioning. The woody richness (which covers about half of the territory), the natural beauties of its valleys surrounded by wonderful mountains, the clearness of the rivers attract hundreds of tourists every day, so that tourism is the main resource even if the city knows other growing economic sectors.     
The Sava River offers ideal conditions for water activities (such as rowing, sailing, fishing, water-skiing and so on...), all visitors will undoubtedly have long sunny days for enjoying inviting boat trips especially on the Lake of Zbilje (Zbiljsko Jezero). And the lovers of the mountain? If we are in Medvode, Bonovec Ski Center is a must! A large, modern, state-of-the-art center, really perfect as regards the organization, a fairy-tale place for all cross-country skiing lovers, a complete sport that Bonovec is trying to enhance as much as possible. Its wonderful slopes are among the most suggestive trails of Slovenia, perfectly covered in snow (if the nature should fail in filling with natural snow, well-equipped cannons are always ready to produce supplementary snow), its paths can afford different levels of difficulty thanks to the natural lay of the land, moreover comfortable accommodation facilities, scenic cross-country skiing trails, suggestive landscapes are at the tourist's full disposal, and for endless emotions, the center offers lighted trails for night skiing that make this one of the largest illuminated cross-country skiing centers of the country. Really an unforgettable experience! Bonovec also offers a wide range of courses (all levels of knowledge are accepted) and international competitions able to attract many participants and visitors from all over the world who transform them into real events. It will not be difficult to meet some champion on the slopes...  
The magnificence of the center, well inserted into a wonderfully unspoilt and so varied scenery, can turn dream holidays into reality!

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