Marsaxlokk Bay and Fort St. Lucian from Qajjenza Live cam

View on the bay and the fort in Birżebbuġa, Malta Freeport in the background

Marsaxlokk Bay and Fort St. Lucian from Qajjenza SkylineWebcams

The picturesque city of Marsaxlokk is located in the souheastern part of Malta, its name seems to derive from the dry sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara.

Marsaxlokk is one of the most appreciated holiday destinations of the island still strongly bound to its cultural traditions, its stunning bay, including the small Pretty Bay (Bajja Sabiha) and St. George's Bay, stands out for its colourful fishing "luzzus" boats (Il-Luzzu) with the ever-watchful eye of Osiris that are said to provide protection against misfortune and danger and for its traditional Sunday fish market, really a must for tourists and locals. Its harbour is the second largest natural harbour in Malta, although the continuous going and coming of luzzus and vessels of any kind, this bay gives a sensation of peace and quitness together with the unique scent of an authentic fishing village however rich in a variety of picturesque restaurants and ancient houses lined up on the stunning promenade with breathtaking views of the bay.

Not far away from the city center, in the direction of Birżebbuġa is located Fort St. Lucian (Il-Fortizza ta' San Luċjan, 1610), as the first defensive fort against the Turkish invasions in the Marsaxlokk Bay; its construction is believed to have been prompted by a woman's dream telling about St. John's order of building a massive fort in view of the imminent Turkish invasion, her dream was told and shared but the Grandmaster De Wignacourt did not give any importance to those words, nothing was done. Only after the actual assault, the construction has begun, commissioned by the Grandmaster Alof de Wignacourt and probably designed by Vittorio Cassar or Girgor Xerri, it lasted only one year; the square-shaped Fort St. Lucian has one little tower on each side, this configuration made it stronger against the Turks in 1614. The whole structure was enforced in 1795 under Grandmaster Emmanuel de Rohan and enriched by a more modern design in 1876; during the IIWW it was used as munitions depot, today it hosts a small chapel dedicated to St. Lucian and is home to the Malta Aquaculture Research Centre (NAC).

Not so far away from the Fort are located the lovely city of Birżebbuġa and Malta Freeport (Port Ħieles Ta' Malta), just on a promontory dividing the bay; the width of the bay has allowed the construction of an important structure for the Maltese economy, as one of the most important and biggest ports in the Mediterranean it enjoys a key player in the transhipment trade, in the past home to the British Royal Navy, it offers today high quality services. Although people usually assume that the containers traffic contrasts with the natural beauty of the bay, this boasts crystal waters, relaxing spots and a beautiful beach that make it one of the most appreciated tourist destinations of the whole island rich in attractions and entertainment opportunities as well as sports and recreational possibilities and cultural events.

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