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Enchanting view of the beach and the stunning Pretty Bay

Our webcam in Malta broadcasts a real-time view of Pretty Bay, Birżebbuġa.

Birzebbuġa is a seaside resort in Malta's southeastern region, close to Marsaxlokk. The word Birzebbuġa in Maltese means "source of olives", which is the main local product. Archaeological findings in the area around the town have revealed it to be one of the island's oldest settlements, it presents the oldest evidence of life discovered thus far in Malta. The sites of Borġ in-Nadur and Għar Ħasan are the city's main attractions. In Għar Dalam, tourists will find the Cave of Darkness with semi-fossilized ruins that date back over 250,000 years!
However, those who come to Birzebbuga usually visit Pretty Bay beach. This beautiful bay located in the city's heart, is one of the archipelago's most popular beaches. Surrounded by tall buildings, it's definitely a charmer!

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Birżebbuġa is a lovely tourist destination at the southeast of the Maltese island; it is said to derive its name from the combination between "Bir", meaning "well" and "żebbuġa", meaning "olives", this to confirm the importance of olives still keeping the local economy strong; although it is rightly considered a sea destination, it is rich in olive trees all stretching along four stunning valleys, which are Wied Dalam, Wied Zembaq, Wied Qoton and Wied Buni.

Its surroundings are perhaps best known for the important archaeological sites, the bay was firstly inhabited by Phoenicians who considered it an ideal spot to anchor, but other remains give an evidence of human presence dating back to the Neolithic Period or the Bronze Age found in the Cave of Darkness (Għar Dalam) or related to the prehistoric temple or settlement, Borġ-in-Nadur, the hill has also provided us with a variety of Roman remains while a legend related to the Hasan Cave (Għar Ħasan) concerns Arab presences; more recently, during the 20th century, Birżebbuġa has become home to the British Navy, its harbour, the Malta Freeport (Port Ħieles Ta' Malta), has played an important role in the past due to its strategic position in the heart of Mediterranean, over the years has experienced a remarkable growth concerning commercial exchanges.

Birżebbuġa is rich in charming attractions and architectural treasures although is not included in the most visited Maltese destinations list, a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows (1909) or the St George's Church (1575, reopened in 1683), the fortifications, Fort St. Lucian (Torri ta' San Lucjan, 17th century), Ferretti Coastal Battery (Il-Qajjenza) or the so-called "Birżebbuġa entrenchments" (dating back to the Knights of St. John's period) shouldn’t be left off our Birżebbuġa itinerary. Due to the fact the whole southeast coast was massively fortified during the Knights' period, Birżebbuġa can today boast ancient buildings and fortifications survived bombings and natural disasters, a great experience and a lovely trip to the past will be a visit in Birżebbuġa's oldest part...

Among its most beautiful attractions we can't avoid mentioning the enchanting sandy beach commonly known as Pretty Bay (Bajja Sabiha); although the heavy traffic taking place every day and container ships going and coming from the imposing harbour contrast with the natural environment of the bay, Birżebbuġa keeps its features of idyllic spot with a number of relaxing areas; Pretty Bay is very popular in Malta, as one of the largest beaches in the island, it is the ideal place where to stay with the own family or spend pleasant hours with friends...originally a rocky and desolate coast beach, it was turned over the years into a wonderful bay thanks to the sand collected from the sea; moreover the bay is enriched by small and ancient houses stretching along the modern seaside promenade and unnumbered accommodation facilities, restaurants, nights and cafés scattered everywhere.

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