Odessa Seaside - Ukraine Live cam

View over the Odessa seaside in Ukraine

This webcam in Ukraine overlooks the so-called “Path of Health” (Zdorovya Track) between Lanzheron Beach and Arcadia Beach, in Odessa (Одеса)
This 6,3 km (ca. 4 miles) pathway is the city’s iconic run and is halfway between the waterfront and a paved multi-use path.
The Lanzheronivska Arch in Tarasa Shevchenka Park, just above Lanzheron Beach (or Cape Langeron), is the ideal entrance to the promenade. Along the boardwalk, tourists will appreciate an incredible landscape and the several Odessa beaches, such as Dolphin Beach. The Peremohy Arboretum, near Arcadia Beach, is also an exciting place for a long stroll in Odessa.

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