Odessa- Catherine Square Live cam

View of Catherine Square in Odessa

This webcam in Ukraine overlooks Catherine Square in Odessa (Оде́са).
Ekaterynyns’ka Square is a historic square and public gathering spot located in the city’s very heart. Named after Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia during the 18th century, the square is well-known for the Odessa Massacre dating back to October 4th 1854.
The plaza’s most significant feature is the Monument to the founders of Odessa. The statue depicts Catherine II with her companions: José de Ribas, Prince Platon Zubov, Grigory Potemkin and François Sainte de Wollant. The latter played an essential role in the construction of Odessa and its port. The higher end of the plaza, along with the historical Monument, constitutes the Potemkin Stairs, the city's true symbol.

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