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View over the port of Piraeus

Our webcam in Piraeus provides live images of this famous port in Greece.

Located in southeastern Greece, Piraeus is home to the largest European marina. More and more tourists make their way to this beautiful Greek port city every year, attracted by the warm climate, crystal clear waters and exquisite restaurants serving the world's freshest seafood. Piraeus offers a perfect balance of Old World charm and modern amenities. Religious and historical sites, such as Agia Triada, the imposing Byzantine-style cathedral in the city center should make it on your bucket-list. Due to its proximity to Athens, the city is a strategic point, allowing quick access to the capital. Not to be missed is the Zea Marina, a mega-yacht marina near the bustling Piraeus port, the perfect gateway to explore the Saronic Gulf and the iconic Cyclades.

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Piraeus is the third largest settlement of Greece and is the heart of the Municipality of Piraeus. Piraeus is the city of Athens and the biggest port of Greece and the eastern Mediterranean. Piraeus is the busiest port in Greece, the largest port in Europe and the third in the world with respect to the carriage of passengers, serving nearly 20 million passengers a year to go to the Aegean islands and abroad.

Divided into three smaller ports: the central port, the Zea Marina and Mikrolimano. Piraeus in modern times is the largest industrial center of the country. The center of Piraeus is about 10 km from the center of Athens. As part of urban Athens complex serves transportation by various means: buses, trolley buses, the suburban railway, tram Athens and the Athens Metro, presently the old line of electric railway and the future of the extension of the subway line, while connected and to the railway network OSE.

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