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View of giraffes and ostriches in their enclosure

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Located in a part of the Protected Natural Park on the southern slope of the Rožnik hill, this wonderful ZOO is one of the most suggestive places of Slovenia. An unforgettable experience for those who had the fortune to visit it and a desired destination for those who love animals and nature. The Ljubljana Zoo offers a so great variety of domestic and exotic species and a so rich recreational activities program that it is the ideal place for both children and adults. Attractions will involve everyone, the whole experience of exploring this ZOO will be quite endearing and...how wonderful it will be to know the world as seen through the eyes of the animals!
Children and babies have always been the real protagonists, through their innate curiosity, they will discover a completely new and fascinating world, every little gesture will be a new adventure, and, completely fascinated, will admire with wonder all that surrounds them, the only thing to do is choose what to see...   
It will be fun to have a look around the ZOO (it is equipped for disable people), but it will be also possible to rely upon the highly skilled zookeepers, who will accompany us through the most interesting spaces, that normally visitors are not allowed to explore; they will be glad to conduct tours, answer questions and inform, help us approach the most fascinating species to incredibly close distances never imagined before, we'll be able to take photos and even touch with hands, if possible, our favourite specimen thanks to exciting photo safaris. It will be nice to celebrate our birthday or spring a surprise at this wonderful place! Fun itineraries and rest stops for our guests are guaranteed! Nothing will be funnier than a day or a weekend spent here with our family or friends...Open all year round, it is recommended to plan the visits according to the feeding times or adventurous schedules so that it will be possible to admire the animals at the height of their daily activities and discover the most fascinating curiosities; have we ever seen a sea lion or an elephant during their lunchtime? Or did we ever get the chance to feed them? When possible, and exclusively in the zookeeper's presence, we'll have the opportunity to buy food coupons, but all in moderation, each animal is different from each other, has its own diet program and adding supplements in the food could be very dangerous. Is it impossible to attend? No problem, we can follow our "friends" throughout the day (night included)! It is enough to choose the "Camping Program": among other things we'll have the possibility to watch the zookeepers at work, for example how they put the giraffes to bed or visit the animals sleeping or staying active at night; have we ever wondered what it is like to wake up with some of the rarest animals or attend the morning exercises of the gibbons or the breakfast of the bears? It might be also an unique experience to partecipate in activities that involve animals or help zookeepers while the elephants take a shower...Furthermore, inside the ZOO we can find the Medvedji Rob shop that offers a wide assortment of T-shirts, stuffed animals and every kind of gadget that will come back to us pleasant memories of the day spent together; buying a gift from this shop will moreover be a generous gesture, the money raised will be entirely used to support the daily activities of feeding, cleaning and caring the guests of the ZOO.

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