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Panoramic view from the fishing village of Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Harbour - Malta SkylineWebcams

Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing town located on the promontory of Marsaxlokk Bay and, as indicates its name 'marsa', port and 'xlokk', sirocco, in the south-eastern part of the Maltese island.

Turks and pirates found its harbour an ideal refuge and a perfect anchorage for their fleets but its first inhabitants were the Phoenicians who landed here during the 9th century BC; in the past Marsaxlokk has always played an important role in fishing economy, it still today houses a thriving fishing industry and a port that is one of the largest and prettiest in Malta, here there is a continual coming and going of fishermen who, with their local fishing boats 'luzzus' (Il-Luzzu), contribute to the economic growth of the town; the local catch is distributed to other Maltese areas but also sold at the famous and bustling fish market taking place on Sunday and attracting locals and tourists from all over Malta; walking through this market or relaxing through its peaceful streets overlooking the bay may be a pleasant opportunity to closely admire breathtaking views and the brightly colourful and traditional fishing boats that make Marsaxlokk famous around the world; these solid wooden boats are embellished by the Phoenician Eyes of Osiris that are painted or carved on the bow and believed to protect the boats and their fishermen from danger and disasters; their so vivid colours liven up this town and, especially in the sunshine and at sunrise, create so wonderful light effects that we all will be totally captured by the extraordinary beauty of the bay; Marsaxlokk's port is the second largest natural harbour in Malta, although bustling and full of boats, it gives a sensation of peace and quitness, in general Marsaxlokk still keeps all features of a fishing village and at the same time is an ideal place to stay with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere; lined up the picturesque promenade, a variety of great restaurants and shops warmly welcome tourists without breaking this atmosphere; having lunch in one of these restaurants along the promenade while being surrounded by old and white houses or by fishermen engaged in unloading the catch, sewing their nets or repairing their luzzus will be an unique experience!

Marsaxlokk offers precious architectural and natural treasures, among the richest beauties in Malta, just a few examples, located near the Marsaxlokk harbour is the attractive parish Church dedicated to Our Lady of Pompeii with its statue overlooking the bay, for nature lovers will be a great pleasure to visit the hill of Tas-Silġ, which contains remains of megalithic temples while the snorkelling and swimming lovers will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Blue Grotto (Taht il-Hnejja) or the fantastic St. Peter's Pool; other two attractions that shouldn't be missed is the St. Lucian Fort (Il-Fortizza ta' San Luċjan), built in 1610 by the Knight of St. John and the wonderful Fort Delimara (Fortizza ta' Delimara), constructed in 1881 by the British to protect Marsaxlokk.

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