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Rome, view of the Vittoriano and Piazza Venezia

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Stretching from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, sophisticated in style and notorious for its designer fashion boutiques, classy buildings and historical origins, Via del Corso is Rome’s main shopping avenue!

Originally an urban stretch of Via Flaminia (paved to connect ancient Rome to the Adriatic sea), the road - measuring 10 meters wide and 1.5 km long - cuts the Italian capital city running north to south.

During the years its name changed multiple times; in the III century, with the construction of the Aureilian Walls, the street took the name of Via Lata; many were the illustrious tombs buried along the way (Augustus amongst these). With the rise of the middle ages years of complete abandonment hit; it would take a papal decree, in 1467 - transferring all carnival races and celebrations from Monte Testaccio to Via Lata - to bring new life to the area. It is most likely due to the fact that the road served as an actual racetrack that it was soon newly baptized and named Via del Corso. With the assassination of King Umberto I the name was changed to Corso Umberto I, then to Corso del Popolo in 1944, but at last “Via del Corso” was restored.

Significant buildings and churches can be found along Rome’s Via del Corso like the Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Piazza Colonna with its Column of Marcus Aurelius standing an impressive 29 meters high, the Alberto Sordi Gallery, Palazzo Chigi (official residence of Italy’s Prime Minister and the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) ending in Piazza del Popolo with the two churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

Can you already picture yourself there? Our live webcam in Via del Corso will give you a preview of what’s to come!

Fun  Facts

If you’re passionate about literature make sure to stop by Via del Corso 18 where you’ll find Casa di Goethe, a museum dedicated to German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The museum is located in the very house where Goethe and friend Johann Wilhelm Tishbein lived during their stay in Rome between 1786-1788. The work produced in these years, a collection of journal entries and letters, was published in 1816-1817, it titled “Italian Journey'.

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