Campo de' Fiori - Rome Live cam

View of Campo de' Fiori, the market and the statue of Giordano Bruno


Our Campo de' Fiori live webcam provides you with one of Rome's most picturesque areas in real-time, the only monumental square in the city that doesn’t house a church.

Campo de' Fiori, halfway between Piazza Navona and Piazza Farnese, was built on a field of flowers in 1456 by Pope Calisto III. It became a prosperous plaza, although it was a long-lasting site of executions. A statue placed in the center of the square, in fact, recalls the revolutionary philosopher, Giordano Bruno, accused of heresy and burned alive in 1600 right in this very square.

Every day since 1869, except for Sundays, the square hosts Rome's most colorful and assorted market (captured by our Rome live cam). When the market is over, the stands are cleared and Campo de’ Fiori turns into a lively meeting spot for students, locals and tourists.

Enjoy this stunning view of Campo de' Fiori today and explore other amazing sights with our webcams in Rome.