Streets of Sumy - Ukraine Live cam

View of the city streets of Sumy in Ukraine

This live cam in Ukraine overlooks Illins'ka St and Kyiv Department Store in Sumy (Су́ми).

Located in northeastern Ukraine, Sumy is the capital of the Sumy Oblast region (Су́мська́ о́бласть), it's surrounded by numerous architectural gems and by the neighboring city of Hlukhiv. The monuments that line the old streets of Sumy, such as Sobornaya, Voskresenskaya, Petropavlovskaya and Troitskaya, are expression of local heritage. Among the most emblematic buildings in Sumi, the Sofroniyivskyy Monastery (one of the largest monasteries of the Russian Empire during the 20th century), and the Transfiguration Cathedral, the only Orthodox church in the world with Catholic sculptures installed on its dome, are worth a visit. Thanks to this webcam in Ukraine, monitoring the city's live downtown traffic has never been easier!

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