Odessa - Primorsky Boulevard Live cam

View of Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa

This live cam in Ukraine takes you to the charming Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa.

Odessa (Одеса) is one of the most popular destinations on the Black Sea. As the maritime capital of Ukraine, it’s not only a picturesque harbor, but also a tourist hotspot rooted in history. Every corner is full of historical details! One of the area’s most popular attraction is Primorsky Boulevard. The wide boulevard runs parallel to the seashore, from Dumenskaya Square (from the Duma building) to the columns of the Vorontsov Palace, stretching for over 3 km (ca. 1,9 miles). At the center of Primorsky Boulevard is the statue of Duc de Richelieu (captured by this Odessa live cam), the founder and first mayor of the city. Walking along the avenue lined with beautiful trees, visitors will reach the monument dedicated to Russian writer Pushkin.

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