Odessa - Derybasivska Street Live cam

View of Derybasivska Street in Odessa

This live cam in Ukraine overlooks Derybasivska Street, Odessa’s main road.

Walking along this pedestrian street paved with cobblestones, visitors will appreciate many commemorative statues such as the monument dedicated to de Ribas, the famous Odessit architect after whom this street is named. Towards the end, tourists will find the Odessa City Garden, the city’s first park built after its foundation by the De Ribas brothers (Joseph and Felix) in 1803. Odessa City Garden is full of bronze sculptures that recount the city’s history. One of the most remarkable statues is a chair commemorating the famous book “The Twelve Chairs” by Leonid Utesov. Another sculpture is dedicated to the same Russian author, depicting the same sitting on a bench.

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