Kyiv - Ukraine Live cam

View over Maidan Square in Kyiv, Ukraine

This webcam in Ukraine overlooks the mesmerizing Maidan Square, in Kyiv (Київ), one of the most famous cities in Eastern Europe.
Walking along the streets of the Ukrainian capital, tourists can observe many architectural styles: Soviet buildings rise next to Orthodox cathedrals and imperial palaces, silhouetting the city’s unique skyline. Thanks to this webcam in Kyiv, Maidan Square is just a click away. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (literally Independence Square) is one of the most significant sites in Ukraine, as a large number of the country’s historical events took place here. In the middle of the square is the Independence Monument, erected in 2001 to mark the anniversary of Ukraine's independence. A bronze statue depicting a female mythological figure in Ukrainian clothes stands on the high obelisk, she holds a branch symbolizing the country.

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