Puno - Plaza Mayor Live cam

View of Plaza Mayor in Puno


Through our Puno live webcam, you can witness the real-time beauty and activity of Plaza Mayor.

Situated in the southeastern region of Peru, nestled along the shores of Lake Titicaca, Puno captivates visitors with its elevated location at 3860 meters above sea level and landmarks that have endured since the colonial era. Our Puno live cam shows a captivating view of its Plaza Mayor. Located in the center of Puno, this square holds significant cultural and historical importance. Plaza Mayor is surrounded by impressive colonial architecture, showcasing the city's rich heritage. At the heart of the plaza stands a notable monument or landmark, symbolizing the local culture and history. During special occasions or festive events, the Plaza Mayor transforms into a vibrant hub of colorful celebrations and cultural traditions.

Drop by this historic location thanks to this live feed and then continue to immerse yourself in the local culture with our Peru webcams.