Time-lapse Spinola Bay

Time-lapse Spinola Bay SkylineWebcams

The wonderful Spinola Bay is one of the most important tourist attractions of St. Julian's (San Ġiljan); located on the coast a few kilometers far away from the capital Valletta (Il-Belt Valletta), this city boasts of a rich tourist offer and one of the most beautiful bays of the entire island, a natural wonder of extraordinary beauty.

Originally a peaceful coastal town located between Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay and animated by small groups of fishers, through the years St. Julian's developed as an important key reference point for tourism in Malta rich today in a variety of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs which are centred mainly in the bay, its most esteemed building is the Spinola Palace, a masterpiece of Latin architecture built in 1658 by the Italian knight Giovanni Spinola and located in the heart of the Paceville district, it takes directly the visitor back to the St. Julian’s rural roots. From a variety of points of view St. Julian's is a very attractive and dynamic city with numerous opportunities for fishing and water activities and entertainment, shined brightly at night it offers the unique opportunity to experience outdoor dining under the stars with spectacular views over the bay...along the elegant seaside promenade extending all around the bay to just the city of Sliema, people can discover the main curiosities and beauties of St. Julian's, one of the most fashionable city of the Mediterranean.

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