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Live webcam overlooking eruptions from Volcano Aso, Japan

This live webcam overlooks Mount Aso, the largest active shield volcano in Japan located in the Kyushu region. With a height of 1,592 mt (5,223 ft) above sea level and a caldera of 120 km in diameter, Mount Aso is one of the largest volcanoes in the world. The largest city in the area is Kumamoto, the capital of the homonymous prefecture. This volcano is accessible from Kumamoto via bus or ropeway from the Aso Nishi station. About 3 km from the station, tourists will find the Aso Volcano Museum. Mount Nakadake is one of Aso's five main peaks and is also the area with the greatest volcanic activity. The crater near Nakadake continuously releases smoke and occasionally actual volcanic eruptions occur. Hiking and climbing are generally allowed in this area, however in the event of excessive volcanic activity, the area is closed to tourists.

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Hakata Station - Japan
Hakata Station - Japan

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