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Tinos is the fourth largest island of the Cyclades after Naxos, Andros and Paros. It belongs to the northern Cyclades. The climate is generally temperate Mediterranean. The winter is mild and cool in summer with a lot of wind, mostly southern.

The history of Tinos is rich and starts from antiquity.

Aiolos was believed to live here and was the purgatory for those preparing for trip to Delphi. Poseidon was worshiped. Striking feature is that Tinos was probably the last part of Greece to be succumbed to the Turks after repeated failed attempts. During the release, Tinos contributed enough to the revolution. The island was a valuable refuge for asylum to persecuted Greeks and refugees.

The German occupation was exhausting for the inhabitants of this island again became an important base for the release. Dominant elements of the Tinian architecture is the Tinian House, the Dovecotes and the Fountains.

Because of its geopolitical position, the inhabitants have suffered from many conquerors until the Middle Ages. This is the reason why the Venetian conquerors made out of Exombourgo a tower that protected the island until the Ottoman occupation. The architecture of Tinos is highly influenced by the period of Venetian domination.

It is impressive that the island was perhaps the last part of Greek territory conquered by the Turks, after repeated failed attempts. Even then, life conditions had nothing to do with the conditions of subordination in other parts of Greece.

During the liberation war, Tinos contributed significantly to the revolution. More than 12 Tinians were members of the “Friends Society” (“Filiki Eteria”), while the island was a valuable refuge for the persecuted Greeks and refugees.

The discovery of Virgin Mary’s holy icon in 1823 (January 30) was considered a good sign for the right of the revolution and has been a blessing for the island ever since.

The torpedoing of battleship “Elli” outside the port of Tinos on August 15 1940 was a shock and led to the outbreak of the Second World War in Greece.

The Dolphin Hotel is a two star hotel with great family environment and friendly staff. Located in the center of Tinos Town, just opposite the old port, 600 meters from the new port, 500 meters from the Church of the Virgin Mary and a few meters from the city market, cafes and restaurants. Just opposite the hotel there is a bus stop for excursions to the beautiful villages and beaches and just 20 meters away the taxi spot. The hotel offers breakfast - buffet. For transport clients to and from the port there are coaches (free of charge). All areas of the hotel have free wireless internet (WiFi).

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