Old port of Mykonos Live cam

View of the old port and the coast road of Mykonos from Elpis Mykonos Apartments

Discover the jewel of the Aegean through the live camera of Mykonos, offered by Elpis Mykonos Apartments. Let yourself be enchanted by the Old Port and the Yalos waterfront, the town's most famous spot! Mykonos's beauty is unparalleled: crystal-clear waters, over 30 magnificent, sparkling beaches, and magical sunsets that tell stories. From its historic charm in the 1950s to its iconic Cycladic architecture, stroll through alleys where history and luxury intertwine. You might even spot Hollywood stars! Join unforgettable parties, embark on a culinary journey sampling world cuisines, and savor Mediterranean delicacies. Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Elpis Mykonos apartments through our live camera, conveniently situated near the Town Hall and the connecting port to Delos. Paradise awaits you!

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