Kamares - Sifnos Live cam

View of the port area and Kamares bay in Sifnos

Kamares - Sifnos SkylineWebcams

Dear guests, we welcome you to Sifnos, the most beautiful island of the Cyclades, with its high mountains and its white churches. As a popular lyricist says: and we wish you a pleasant and carefree stay.

Its unique white and unchanged settlements, its cleanliness, its countless churches, its wonderful beaches and the traditional hospitality of the island, have made Sifnos particularly known to the Greeks and the whole world.

Sifnos is offered to us for all types of tourism, hiking - entertainment - multicultural - religious - food and wine and also naturalistic. Sifnos is also known for its pottery.

The whole sea with its crystalline coves is offered for swimming, fishing and adventure!!!

We are ready to serve you, offering you the most modern comforts and the most convenient prices in a warm and familiar environment that will charm you and make you come back…. And don't forget ... There are many islands. But Sifnos is unique.

Podotas Group is a family business, which has been operating in Sifnos since 1984. Based on our many years of experience, we offer services in the tourism sector with consistency and responsibility, in order to make your holiday comfortable, enjoyable and safe. The Rent a car, the rooms-apartments for rent and our tourist office are located in the heart of the beach of Kamares Sifnos and the online ticket issuance from our website is at your disposal.

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