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Syros is an island of the Cyclades. Its capital is Ermoupolis. Syros was developed especially after 1826, when the refugees from Psara, Chios, Crete and Asia Minor settled. It has been for years the navy, industrial and cultural center of the new Greek state.

The northern part of Syros, called Ano Mera, is mountainous and inhabited by very few people. This part of the island is of particular interest because is morphologically different from the rest. It is the only part that where there can be found limestone, unlike the rest of the island covered by volcanic rocks. The settlements there are highly developed, while the road network is excellent.

The Miaouli Square is one of the biggest and rare squares in Greece. It was created in the early 19th century. Initially the sea reached that area. Later it was a sandy area, known as the orchard of Salachas. In 1847 it was bought by the municipality to create the square in plan of Wilhelm von Weiler. In 1870 it took its final form.

The original name was "Othonos Square" in honor of King Otto. After the eviction of Otto in 1862, the square was renamed as square "Leotsakou" in honor of Nicholas Leotsakos (head of Ermoupolis garrison who attempted to release political prisoners in Kythnos).

The present name was taken in 1889, when the unveiling of the statue of Andreas Miaoulis took place. In the square there is a marble platform music, project of I. Vitalis (1907), used by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality.

In the square stands the impressive building of the City Hall in 1876, the Syrian Cultural Center and the Municipal library featuring rare material on the history of Syros. Tall palm trees decorate Miaoulis Square, giving a unique charm and is always the theater parades and all sorts of festive happenings that occur on the island throughout the year.

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