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View on the boatyard and Senglea on the left side from Valletta Waterfront

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Valletta Waterfront and Grand Harbour (Il-Port il-Kbir) are two of the most notable landmarks for people arriving at Maltese island directly from Mediterranean, they welcome millions of cruise passengers every year with a quantity of excellent services.

Valletta Waterfront, also known as Pinto's Wharf, is a very versatile center, a multi-purpose area and one of the most frequented meeting points of Valletta due to its extraordinary offer including high quality entertainment, a complete mix of retail, dining, leisure experiences and shopping, festivities and outdoor themed events all year round and much more...a dream destination become increasingly popular over the years for tourists and locals. Its origins date back to the 18th century, when was commissioned by the Knights of St. John's Grand Master Manuel Pinto de Fonseca as a simple pier and place where merchants used to unload their wares, once renovated, the old warehouses of this Baroque masterpiece were replaced with a leisure complex for locals and million cruise passengers as well as a famous cruise and ferry terminal also providing efficient and affordable transport services within the Grand Harbour and neighbouring areas; Valletta Waterfront is certainly worth a visit, whether we're looking for luxurious restaurants, events or simply a moment for a walk along the promenade, Valletta Waterfront has it all, either day or night a simple stroll while admiring all breathtaking panoramic views around, including a lovely view of Senglea (o L-Isla), can turn into a marvelous experience!

Also known as Isla, this stunning city, one of the heaviest fortified cities of Malta, belongs to Three Cities (or Cottonera Lines) also including Cospicua (Bormla) and Vittoriosa (Birgu), rightly claimed to be the cradle of Maltese history. Although its smaller dimensions, it boasts a rich historic heritage, many buildings and massive bastions and fortifications, which give spectacular views on the Grand Harbour, were built during the age of the Knights of St. John, Senglea is also nicknamed 'Civitas Invicta' as unconquered during the Ottoman invasion at the Great Siege of 1565, however it was mostly destroyed by bombings during the WWII and suffered heavy losses including rare architectural masterpieces dating back to its first construction in the 16th century; originally a small island later partially connected to the mainland for strategic reasons by the Knights Hospitaller (the Maltese name 'Isla' derives from the Italian 'isola', island) it protrudes with its oldest part into the Grand Harbour and is still enclosed by massive fortifications guarding the harbour and the opposite side where the capital Valletta (Il-Belt Valletta) is located as they did a longtime ago.

There are a variety of activities and events taking place in Senglea throughout the year as well as tourist attractions all worth a visit, most of them still a reminder of its glorious past, through a simple stroll it is possible to reach them, just a few words to mention the most important must-sees: the look-out garden (Gnien il-Gardjola) and the stone vedette where one can enjoy a blend of history and the Mediterranean, a variety of architectural buildings in British style, Senglea Point with its magnificent views of Valletta and Grand Harbour, narrow streets still holding a number of ancient buildings, religious treasures such as the miraculous statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer (Ir-Redentur ta `l-Isla) situated in the Basilica dedicated to The Birth of the Virgin Mary or the statue Madonna of the Middle (il-Madonna Tan-Nofs), originally placed in the main road as a sign of gratitude to the Virgin for protecting Senglea from the 1813 plague; moreover a stroll along the nearby Vittoriosa's promenade will offer magnificent views of Senglea, among the most beautiful in the world. We can't forget to mention the famous boatyard, enlarged and developed by British, it has become increasingly important over the years for its role in the economic growth of the city, it sees thousands of cruise passengers embarking and disembarking every day and offers all types of services and works to make more comfortable the stay of the big cruise ships, a real attraction for tourists and locals.

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