Argentina - Buenos Aires Live cam

View of the Obelisk in Buenos Aires

Our Buenos Aires webcam overlooks the Obelisk in Plaza de la República.

Buenos Aires, also known as "Baires", is the capital of Argentina and one of South America's largest metropolises. It rises on the Rio de la Plata banks, hence its nickname: “Queen of the Plata”. Its colonial and immigration past is still alive in many of its picturesque neighborhoods, such as San Telmo (the city’s most beautiful barrios). Rich in history, charm and personality, the area is surrounded by colonial buildings that preserve all their old-world charm. From our Buenos Aires live cam, the famous 67.5-meter-high Obelisk can be seen, the landmark dominates the city skyline. This imposing stone pillar, surrounded by lights and giant screens, is often compared to New York’s Times Square or the George Washington Monument in Washington. Climb to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of Buenos Aires!

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