Panorama of Nashville Live cam

Panoramic view over Nashville, Tennesee


The US state of Tennessee has it all: nature, music and nightlife! From country villages, where snake charmers and keepers of ancient traditions can still be found, to trendy cities home to big record labels, concert halls and live music venues!

Take a look at our Nashville live cam before planning your next trip to Tennessee! Nashville is Tennessee's capital city and the region’s music capital! The city’s ties to music can be traced all the way back to the 1700s when the first settlers landed on the Cumberland River banks and celebrated with dance and fiddle tunes. During the 1800s, the city became a musical hub thanks to the university group “Fisk Jubilee Singers”. The latter soon took their shows worldwide and performed for Queen Victoria in England; they were introduced as the group "from the city of music". That’s how Nashville became the "Music City."

Enjoy this panoramic city view with our Nashville webcam. Travel with our US webcams!