Pacific City - Oregon Live cam

View of Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, Oregon

Brace yourself for some seriously awesome views from our Pacific City live cam in Oregon! Watch waves at Cape Kiwanda do their thing, surfers ride the big ones and soak in the coastal vibes. Cape Kiwanda offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, featuring dramatic cliffs, pristine sandy shores, and the iconic Haystack Rock in the distance. Haystack Rock is a monolithic sea stack that stands majestically just offshore. It's a popular landmark and adds to the scenic allure of the area. The natural beauty of the coastline provides a stunning backdrop for visitors and webcam viewers alike. The Pacific waters off Cape Kiwanda attract surfers seeking the thrill of challenging waves. The coastal conditions make it an ideal spot for both experienced surfers and those looking to catch their first wave.

Now, grab a virtual beach chair and soak it all in our Pacific City live webcam. But hey, don't forget to dive into the world's most beautiful coastal areas with our other beach live cams!