Time-lapse SmartCity Malta - Kalkara

Time-lapse SmartCity Malta - Kalkara SkylineWebcams

On a surface extending from Ricasoli Point (Rikazoli) and Grand Harbour (Il-Port il-Kbir) in Valletta (Il-Belt Valletta), an ambitious project, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, is coming to life, a joint venture between SmartCity of Dubai and the Government of Malta concerning the construction of an urban area of about 360.000 m2, SmartCity Malta.

Its perfect position, just a short distance from Europe, Africa and Middle East, makes it the right and dynamic environment able to invigorate the economy and the employment rate of the island by focusing on the excellence of the major industries such as ICT, infrastructure, business and media; 12000 m2 will be used for state-of-the-art office spaces, other areas will be home to self-sustained and vibrant residential buildings, surrounded by designed spots for entertainment and recreation, landscaped green areas, hotels and first class spa, a quantity of excellent services and products such as those relating to multimedia or knowledge-based industry, all aimed to promote sustainable development and the quality of life in Malta and in its European and African surroundings; the whole project will be fully completed by 2021.

The advantages of investing here are myriad, an unique experience for companies that will be among the first to benefit from this development including improvements in productivity, job creation and employee satisfaction, subsidies, fiscal benefits, moreover plush restaurants, shopping and dining boulevards centrally located and close to residential areas, all well within reach, make the project pleasant to residents and day-visitors, on the other hand the most romantic residents or guests will have the opportunity to choose a more relaxed lifestyle in peaceful surroundings overlooking the Mediterannean or the wonderful Laguna Walk as their backdrop; not only a great quantity of water but an eminent destination for dining and entertainment, Laguna Walk is a splendid attraction consisting of the lagoon, the spectacular fountain, a lovely promenade and the open-air Grand Steps Auditorium where a variety of special events and performances will take place throughout the year. In the heart of Laguna Walk the musical fountain is surely its most spectacular attraction, as one of the largest choreographed dancing fountains of Malta, it rises majestically from the lagoon and is daily admired by a moltitude of residents and tourists from all over the world; especially at night, the fountain creates an unique atmosphere, enriched by a musical background and different colours, the system can be controlled manually or automatically for a memorable live experience.

SmartCity Malta project has not yet been completed, however, thanks to its eco-friendly buildings and initiatives and healthy and productive spaces, it has achieved the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

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