Bosco Chiesanuova - Verona Live cam

Bosco Chiesanuova, view of the main square and the church in the heart of the Lessinia Mountains


Ever wondered what life is like in a quaint Italian village? Dive into our Bosco Chiesanuova live webcam!

Bosco Chiesanuova is a charming village located in the province of Verona, within the Veneto region of Italy. Nestled in the scenic Lessini Mountains, this village attracts nature enthusiasts, avid hikers, and anyone looking for a serene escape from the fast pace of urban life. The main square of Bosco Chiesanuova, Piazza della Chiesa, is the heart of the village, surrounded by traditional Italian architecture, cafes, and shops, offering a delightful glimpse into the village's daily life. Dominating the main square is the Church of Saint John the Baptist, known for its beautiful facade and serene interior. The church dates back several centuries and today it is still possible to admire its elegant architecture, religious art, and peaceful ambiance.

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