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Thanks to our webcam in Abetone, skiers can get up-to-date information on the weather in one of Italy’s most beautiful ski locations!

Abetone is a small Tuscan town located near Pistoia, it’s also one of Italy's most popular winter tourist destinations. With its 1388m of altitude, Abetone is the perfect vacation spot all year round. The natural beauty surrounding its 50km of slopes, along with the area’s climate, makes it one of the most popular resorts in the Apennines. During the winter, the Ovovia Ski Center’s spectacular slopes are the reference point for many sport enthusiasts. When spring arrives, adventurers can hit the trails and explore the grounds. Whether you’re walking, hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking, fun is assured.

Check out our beautiful view of the Ovovia Ski Center with this live cam in Abetone. Explore webcams from other popular ski slopes.

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Abetone, a nice tuscan town near Pistoia, is a wonderful winter holiday destination at an altitude of 1388 meters above the sea level and a perfect place for spending relaxing summer days. The natural beauty surrounding 50 kms of exciting ski slopes and the favourable climate make it one of the most popular tourist places in the Apennines; in spring and summer it offers walking tracks, hiking and horse riding trails and mountain bike routes which provide a great variety of opportunities to explore nature and idyllic weather conditions for paragliding or fishing.
The spectacular and well-maintened ski runs of the Ski Center Ovovia since 1974 have become over the years an interesting point of reference for skiers and lovers of winter activities; Zeno 1, Zeno 2 and Zeno 3 are the main ski trails but also the Slalom Trail, homologated for all sport activities, is worth a mention. Trails at all levels of difficulty suit the skier's needs, descending along them will also allow to admire the magnificence of the landscape; through the acquisition of the Pulicchio area in 2008, the ski center expanded its surface including a wonderful trail through the picturesque wood. The ski center, its trails and services grew so rapidly over the years that it hosts regularly unique and numerous competitions. Enthusiasts have at their disposal modern equipment such as cableways and chair lifts transporting them to the slopes and peaks. The organization is perfect, a friendly and skilled staff is always ready to meet even the most demanding needs, moreover thanks to favourable climatic conditions natural snowfalls are plentiful, should they be lacking a good supply is serviced by snow guns for great coverage (about 80% of the trails). The offer also includes: ample car parking spaces located near the ski center, ski schools, a Baby Camp School, a rich program of entertainment activities, ski equipment rental services, all necessary equipment for the other winter activities and the unique opportunity to immortalize the own experience through helmets equipped with cameras.
Ovovia has a very long ski season (usually it lasts through late spring), its staff really works hard to keep it open as long as possible especially at the end of the ski season in order to offer charming days to people who want to do a little something out of the ordinary. Mild temperatures in spring and summer make the territory really fantastic, it offers a wide range of walking terrain and the opportunity even to meet rare and fascinating animals such as golden eagles, marmots, roes, fallow deers, stone martens, weasels, boars, badgers, foxes, squirrels, hares, dormouses, snow voles, owls, kestrels, hawks, buzzards, northern goshawks, martens and brown owls until reaching the splendid Botanical Garden of Sestaione (Orto Botanico del Sestaione) which contains a rich variety of plant species native to the northern Apennine Mountains.
Ovovia also includes four wonderful refuges giving the guests a warm and friendly atmosphere together with a great tuscan and emilian cuisine, here they will really live a relaxing experience and appreciate the opportunities of the après-ski activities. Under favourable climatic conditions while admiring the breathtaking panorama of the valley below, it will be easy to be captured by the enchanting view extending from the Alps to the wonderful isles of the Tuscan Archipelago.

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