Abetone Live cam

View on the Ski Center Ovovia in Abetone


Thanks to our webcam in Abetone, skiers can get up-to-date information on the weather in one of Italy’s most beautiful ski locations!

Abetone is a small Tuscan town located near Pistoia, it’s also one of Italy's most popular winter tourist destinations. With its 1388m of altitude, Abetone is the perfect vacation spot all year round. The natural beauty surrounding its 50km of slopes, along with the area’s climate, makes it one of the most popular resorts in the Apennines. During the winter, the Ovovia Ski Center’s spectacular slopes are the reference point for many sport enthusiasts. When spring arrives, adventurers can hit the trails and explore the grounds. Whether you’re walking, hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking, fun is assured.

Check out our beautiful view of the Ovovia Ski Center with this live cam in Abetone. Explore webcams from other popular ski slopes.