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In spite of its small size and about 4.600 inhabitants on an islet, the town of Nin in the Zadar county of Croatia has a rich and tumultuous history, as one of the most ancient towns of the country it is the cradle of the croatian culture.

Visiting this place doesn't just mean visiting a tourist destination but it will be a real jump into the past; archaeological treasures left exposed in open-air and an authentic ancient atmosphere will take us back 10000 years from the earliest evidence of prehistoric life; over the centuries Nin has become the first Croatian royal town and thanks to the power assumed by the Church members between VIII and IX century the seat of the first Croatian Bishop, the Church of Holy Cross from this period called “the smallest cathedral in the world” and undoubtedly one of the most important sacred monuments of the croatian architecture, is woth mentioning. When the Romans conquered Dalmatia and Nin was known as Aenona, the city grew into a flourishing municipium with a forum, an amphitheater, an aqueduct and one of the most monumental temples of the Dalmatian coast, moreover the Saint Nicholas Church that sits proudly on the hill overlooking the entire town, is an unique example of romanesque architecture. In 1328 Nin became part of the Republic of Venetia, since then began unfortunately its destruction, it was destroyed and burnt twice in 1571 and 1646 and thus definitively abandoned; in 1991 Nin gained finally its independence and began to develop as a tourist destination.

Today Nin appears extremely fascinating to its guests, a perfect combination among a quality tourist offer, a rich historical heritage and spectacular natural beauties make it a dream holiday destination enriched by wonderful beaches, clear and crystal water, entertainment centers, accommodation facilities and the near Lagoon of Nin, the largest site of healing mud in Croatia used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers.

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