Los Gigantes - Tenerife Live cam

View of the harbor and the cliffs of Los Gigantes


Thanks to our webcam in Tenerife, live images from Los Gigantes beach can be enjoyed year-round.

Located along Tenerife’s west coast, this resort town is famous for the impressive 600 m high sheer cliffs facing the Atlantic Ocean (visible from our webcam on Los Gigantes). Like a majestic amphitheater, the cliffs embrace the ocean.
The Guanches, the aborigines of the Canary Islands, referred to Los Gigantes as the “wall of hell”, as they believed the cliffs represented the end of the world. Once a fishing village, this small hamlet presents small black sand beaches. Captured by our Los Gigantes live cam in Tenerife, the marina is the ideal vantage point for fantastic views of La Gomera Island. Head to the small beach of Playa Los Guios and catch breathtaking sunsets!
If you love nature, plan an excursion to Las Canadas National Park and you will be fascinated!

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