Playa del Duque - El Beril Live cam

View of Playa del Duque in El Beril, Costa Adeje

Looking to unwind with a touch of elegance? Picture yourself lounging on Playa del Duque's golden sands, framed by volcanic cliffs and the soothing Atlantic breeze thanks to our El Beril live cam!

Playa del Duque is situated in the upscale area of El Beril, part of Costa Adeje, Tenerife. The beach itself is known for its fine golden sand and calm, crystal-clear waters, making it a popular choice for families and sun-seekers alike. Beyond sunbathing and swimming, Playa del Duque offers opportunities for snorkeling and paddleboarding in its tranquil waters. The surrounding promenade is perfect for strolls with stunning ocean views. The atmosphere at Playa del Duque is relaxed yet sophisticated, attracting a mix of tourists and locals who appreciate its beauty and tranquility.

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