Elafonisi - Chania Live cam

View of the pink sand beach of Elafonisi in Chania

Elafonisi - Chania SkylineWebcams

Elafonisi is located 76km southwest of the city of Chania at the southwestern tip of Crete. Elafonisi is an elongated peninsula, which often "breaks" at the beginning, giving the feeling of a separate island. It has joined the network with Natura protected areas, as it is an ecosystem of exceptional ecological importance which unfortunately due to the huge number of visitors has deteriorated considerably. In the sand dunes of Elafonisi grow several endemic species of flora, while the white sand lilies that bloom in autumn and the endangered sea cedars make an impression. This is where the careta careta turtles and several sand dune animals nest. It is strictly forbidden to cut plants or even take a bottle of sand with you.

Cam online since: 06/17/2021