São Paulo Live cam

View on Guilhermina, Praia Grande in São Paulo


Our São Paulo webcam overlooks the lovely Praia Grande beach in the Guilhermina district.

São Paulo is the charming capital of the homonymous state and a megalopolis. This Brazilian city is a perfect combination of art, culture, history, relaxation and fun, it’s love at first sight for most visitors.
São Paulo is a cultural melting pot, visiting the city means diving into an amazing blend of cultures evident in many traditional neighbourhoods, such as the Japanese Liberdade district, the Jewish Bom Retiro and the Italian Bixiga!
Avenida Paulista is one of the area’s main attractions as well as the city's true financial heart. Along with Rua Augusta, it’s also the scene of São Paulo's nightlife!

Check out this São Paulo live cam on the beautiful Guilhermina beach and take a look at all our webcams in Brazil.