Villamartín - Plaza del Ayuntamiento Live cam

View of Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Villamartín in Cádiz


Our Villamartín live cam overlooks Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in Cádiz (Andalusia, Spain).

Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square) is the city's beating heart. In pure Andalusian baroque style, Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a social crossroads. The square hosts a variety of cultural events, from carnivals to religious celebrations.

It lies in Villamartín, the main communication hub in Sierra de Cadiz. The city traces its origins back to the Neolithic period; the nearby ancient megalithic necropolis Alberite Dolmen is, in fact, a must-visit site. Another important monument is the Arab Matrera Castle, built at the end of the 19th century.

Villamartín is 85 km (278,871 ft) from Cádiz, San Fernando, and Seville, and more than 150 km (492,126 ft) from Huelva and Malaga.

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