Odessa - Potemkin Stairs Live cam

View over the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa, Ukraine

This webcam in Ukraine provides live images of the Potemkin Stairs, one of Odessa’s landmarks.

Located on the Black Sea, Odessa (Одеса) is famous for this mesmerizing staircase. Thanks to an optical effect, the Potemkin Stairs appear much longer than they actually are; as tourists approach from the seaside, what seems to be a never-ending stairway lies ahead. The Potemkin Stairs are actually 27 m (ca. 89 ft) and run for 142 m (ca. 466 ft).
Originally called the Primorsky Stairs, in 1955, they were renamed in honor of the Battleship Potemkin uprising. After Ukrainian independence, they were renamed the Primorsky Stairs.
The staircase’s fame increased after the silent film “Battleship Potemkin”. The scene depicting the stroller falling down the stairs became so famous it was later echoed by the American movie “The Untouchables”.

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