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Panoramic view on the Ski Resort Livigno

Our webcam in Livigno offers a beautiful panoramic view of the ski area, near Sondrio (Lombardy).

Livigno is a wonderful ski resort, 1500m above sea level. Located in the heart of the Alps, this enchanting location is a fascinating mix of nature, rich traditions, relaxation and fun. No wonder it’s considered one of Italy's most fascinating vacation spots.
During the winter, Livigno’s ski resorts are a focal part of Italy’s ski tourism (e.g., the Mottolino ski area) providing a pleasant atmosphere. During the spring, the area turns into an ideal vacation spot for hiking enthusiasts thanks to the abundance of forests and gentle slopes. In Livigno center, tourists can find trendy boutiques and hand-crafted souvenirs as well as artistic and architectural attractions, such as the church of Sant'Antonio Abate.

Check out the weather with this live cam at the Livigno Ski Center. Explore all our webcams from the world’s most popular ski resorts.

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Livigno, the spectacular town near the city of Sondrio, is situated in the northern part of Lombardy in the heart of the italian Alps, 1500 metres above sea level. A place rich in tradition with great sceneries, natural beauty and relaxing spots that make it one of the most popular and fascinating tourist destinations in Italy. the territory also includes the little town of Trepalle which, at an altitude of 2250 metres above sea level, is the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe. These harsh temperatures make Livigno one of the coldest areas in Italy, suffice it to say that the average temperature of the coldest months is lower than -28°C but at the same time it is recognized worldwide as an ideal center for winter sports and activities.
Livigno was strongly affected in the past by an economic crisis partly due to its geographical position that kept it isolated from the rest of Italy, however over the centuries it grew quickly and the local population appeared to benefit from the opportunities provided by the tourism industry. Today it offers wonderful landscapes, a wide variety of well-maintened resorts and ski centers recognized not only for their state-of-the-art equipments, but also for their high quality services that guarantee dream holidays. Thanks to its altitude, rarely Livigno suffers from a lack of snow, however, in case of scarce snowfall, snow on ski slopes is always guaranteed by an artificial and a perfect snow system; the trails, here surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery, offer a range of skiing difficulty levels really suitable for beginners as well as advanced skiers, training institutions moreover provide adequate support in skiing techniques. Livigno is an unique and wonderful place from all points of view: ski resorts, baby clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, chalets, apartments, discos, SPAs, traditional cuisine and enchanting landscapes will offer the ideal conditions for spending unforgettable holidays...
Livigno is not only snow and ski slopes, in spring and summer it turns into a territory particularly rich in natural and fascinating beauties, hidden treasures and sites of cultural interest, walking or trotting along this natural setting makes it a magical place to ride, explore and discover.

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