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Karlovac is a croatian city northwest of the country, less than 60.000 inhabitants live in this wonderful city, the capital of the homonymous Region of Karlovac (Karlovačka županija).
Only 55 kms far away from the capital Zagreb and 130 kms far away from the city of Rijeka, its perfect geographic position and a well-kept road network make it an interesting tourist destination for a short-stay or a wonderful place for people wishing to stay longer than a few hours and to live a relaxing and funny experience.
Its origins date back to the 16th century, Karlovac was founded at the confluence of four rivers (Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra) near the old town of Dubovac in order to strengthen the defence against the Turkish invasion; its urban fabric in the shape of a six-pointed star is still today the most fascinating and prestigious architectural-defensive element that is really worth visiting on foot. Karlovac suffered much damage during the two world wars and especially during the last gunfight on the Balkans, but thanks to its inhabitants the city was able to rise proudly again and to develop as an important tourist and cultural center.
Karlovac offers many opportunities to explore its breathtaking scenaries: the Dubovac Fortification dating back to the 13th century, the Civic Museum, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Franciscan Monastery, the Civic Theater "Zorin dom", the Church of Saint Nicholas and some galleries are only a few interesting places that we could visit; for people who love the sport it will be a pleasure to choose among wonderful spots for fishing, going for a row, sailing or rafting; on the contrary, for travelers wishing to keep themselves engaged in viewing the natural beauty of Karlovac walking along the banks of the rivers, riding a bike or going trekking will be a lovely way to discover thoroughly the place. Among the most important local events the "Beer Days" are worth a mention, no one can avoid being swept away by the magic of this extraordinary event that attracts thousands of tourists annually from around the world. This wonderful popular festival turns every year Karlovac into a place of great entertainment and underlines the importance of the beer as the main industry of the city.

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