Venice - Grand Canal Live cam

View of Grand Canal in the old town of Venice


If you're planning a trip to Venice, remember to take a ferry or a gondola ride through its gorgeous canals (the city’s most unique feature).

The Grand Canal (captured by our webcam in Venice) is the largest, splitting the city in two, with a length of about 4km. It’s a natural canal shaped like an inverted “S”, that stretches from St. Mark's Basilica, through St. Mark's Square, to the Church of Santa Chiara. While touring the city, stop by its most celebrated Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance palaces, such as Palazzo Ca' d′Oro and Palazzo Pesaro. The Canal is crossed by four famous bridges: Rialto Bridge, Ponte dell′Accademia, Ponte degli Scalzi and Ponte della Costituzione (better known as the Calatrava Bridge).

Spot the gondolas with our live cam on the Grand Canal. Continue exploring this wonderful city with our Venice webcams!