Coccorino di Joppolo - Vibo Valentia Live cam

Coccorino di Joppolo, panning view of the Strait of Messina, Etna, the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli, Capo Vaticano and the Bay of Santa Maria


Let our Coccorino di Joppolo live webcam and its panoramic vista whisk you away to a world of coastal wonder. If you still don't know this place, it's time to do it!

Coccorino di Joppolo, a chill coastal spot in sunny Calabria, Italy, is where it's at! Known for its sick panoramic views, it's the ultimate vibe for soaking up the Strait of Messina, Mount Etna, the Aeolian Islands (with a shoutout to Stromboli), Capo Vaticano, and the insta-worthy Bay of Santa Maria. Perched high on a cliff with views for days, Coccorino di Joppolo is the perfect spot to flex those nature-loving vibes. From catching epic sunsets to Mount Etna, the boss volcano of Europe, that stands tall in the distance, and the Aeolian Islands bring that volcanic vibe to the table, especially Stromboli with its lit lava shows, there's never a dully moment!

Keep the Calabrian vibes of our Coccorino di Joppolo live cam and others coming! Check out our live webcams in Calabria for more awesomeness!