Deadwood - South Dakota Live cam

View from the Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota

Glance at the legendary Main Street of Deadwood, where the Old West meets modern excitement. Our Deadwood live webcam is your front-row seat to the action – from the famous saloons to the lively streets. Are you up for a digital saloon crawl? Deadwood, South Dakota, is a historic town with a rich Wild West heritage that dates back to the Gold Rush era of the late 19th century. Main Street is at the heart of this historic town and plays a central role in preserving and showcasing Deadwood's colorful past, featuring historic buildings with facades that transport visitors back in time, wooden sidewalks, vintage storefronts, and a genuine Wild West ambiance. Establishments like the Old Style Saloon No. 10, the Gem Theater, and the Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex offer visitors a taste of the town's lively past.

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