Chicama - Puerto Malabrigo Live cam

View of the beach of Chicama in Puerto Malabrigo


Ever imagined riding the world's longest left-hand wave? Explore the legendary surf of Chicama thanks to our Puerto Malabrigo live cam!

Puerto Malabrigo, commonly referred to as Chicama is renowned worldwide among surfers for its exceptional waves, particularly its legendary left-hand point break. The waves can extend for up to 2 kilometers on a good day. The waves are most consistent during the winter months when swells from the southern hemisphere reach the Peruvian coast. The wave quality is influenced by the direction and size of these swells. Beyond surfing, Chicama offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, with opportunities for beachcombing, photography, and enjoying the coastal scenery. The beach of Chicama is characterized by its rugged coastline, sandy beaches, and clear waters, framed by desert landscapes typical of northern Peru.

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