Lake Como Live cam

Como, nice panoramic view of the lake


Thanks to our live webcam on Lake Como, a breathtaking panoramic view of one of Italy’s top destinations for international luxury tourism can be admired.

Also known as "Lario", with a depth of 416 meters, Lake Como is Italy's shallowest lake. Located between the Po Valley, in the south, and the Alps, in the north, the lake is encircled by breathtaking landscapes, fishing villages and lavish villas. Its mild climate favors relaxing activities as well as a variety of water and mountain sports. Como (after which the lake is named) is the most important city in the area; its beautiful old town, monuments and picturesque views will leave tourists speechless. Boats and hydrofoils are the best way to tour the city.

This Como webcam provides a stunning lake view surrounded by the Prealps.

Check out this dreamy view via our Como live camera. Discover all our webcams of the world's most beautiful lakes!